What would happen if we had no bees?
Agriculture as we know it
would collapse
A world without apples, mangoes strawberries and pears.
Many animals would become extinct.
Put simply,
it would be a global disaster.
Help us bee the cure.

Our Story

All of us share this issue:  no bees = no life. I want to empower others to know they can make a difference. Products like “Round Up” weed killer and “Confidor” insecticides have been proven to harm bees. Glysophate – the active ingredient in Round Up – has been banned in several countries for being carcinogenic.  Bees and humanity face a major challenge as massive corporations are determined to feed the world with GMO (genetically modified) Food mono culture farming.


“One can no more approach people without love than one can approach bees without care.  Such is the quality of bees…”
Leo Tolstoy

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20 hours ago

We are going straight to the ACCC with this blatant deception.
As consumers boycott Capilano Honey and their subsidiary brands Allowrie, Smiths, Barnes, Wescobee and Woolworths homebrand the company has become desperate.

#Capilanohoney have started a new brand Sunny Flo that does not indicate it contains any imported ingredients. The deceptive labelling displays packed in Australia which gives consumers the impression that it is Australian honey.

Sue purchased this honey packed on 04.05.2016 from the Spud Shed in Wangara Western Australia. Sue questioned Capilano as to where the honey was from as it was not on the label. Capilano told Sue that the label “Packed in Australia” was legal and they were not required to disclose where the honey came from. Capilano did not/would not state that the honey was imported and from which country.

So Sue phoned the shire. After the shire consulted Capilano they called Sue and her suspicions were confirmed. Sunny Flo contains Chinese honey. Sue is disgusted

"Why then, did Capilano tell me that it was allowable to sell honey labelled "packed in Australia"? And how can Capilano get away with this sort of rorting???? Where do I go from here to try to get this company taken to task over this rorting??"

Please join Sue in complaining to the ACCC

This is disrespectful to Australian consumers and devastating to Australian beekeepers. Capilano’s importing regime reduces the wholesale rate of honey while NZ honey price increases. Capilano pay between $4.50 and $5.50 a kilo while NZ pay $12 a kilo.

Listen to this interview by Tim Elliot on 3AW radio 29/7/2016 when questioned specifically about what subsidiary brands Capilano sell he only names Allowrie and Smiths not Woolworths homebrand or Sunny Flo.

Capilano argue short supply but export tonnes of quality Australian honey to China and the Middle East.

The only way to stop this short sighted corporate tyranny is to continue all boycotts of Capilano products.

Capilano shareholders must leave and invest in more ethical investments, contract beekeepers need to break contracts and sell direct or through other honest packers.

Bunyipbeekeeper 0407 100 001
Niel Stuckey 0412 977 261
Australian Natural. Andre 0413 497 911
Gather By Jenna 0417 495 862.
Honey down under 07 32712830

Australia has the best honey in the world please support your local beekeeper on the honeymap.

Please share our children are not subjected to eating inferior Chinese honey.
Please sign the petition
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3 days ago

www.theabk.com.au/articles/2016/8/30/neonicotinoids-in-australia-part-2 See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago

Great to see my great friend Ben’s Bees speaking out for #bees. Ben is putting Australians at ease in relation to evidence showing bees and wasps cause more hospital visits than other creatures in Australia. Less than two percent of people are allergic to bees.
What is a lot more dangerous to humans than bees is the insecticides that are killing bees. These chemicals #neonicotinoids hidden in our food and have a permanent effect on our health. Having no bees threatens food security and life itself.
Thanks for speaking out for bees Ben. #savethebees #beethecure
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5 days ago

Beautiful girls spotted by Amber Drop Honey at the market. Buy local support your local #beekeeper #savethebees #beethecure #tattoo #bees See MoreSee Less

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6 days ago

Wescobee Honey a sad story.

Mathew from Broome Western Australia is one of many recently who has made complaints about the taste of Wescobee Honey. According to Mathew the honey is inedible and has the aroma and taste of chemicals. He rang the number on the www.wescobee.com website to complain but was shocked when he was put through to the switchboard of Capilano ltd. Capilano blamed the floral source but could not tell Mathew anything about the floral source. Mathew had no idea #Wescobee was owned by Capilano Honey.
Mathew is very keen to test the honey for chemicals. I have suggested he contact investigations@abc.net.au
and insist the abc use only German labs. I have been warned Australian labs are not equipped to test for PAs , antibiotics, neonicotinoids. There is a lot of corruption as a result of corporate lobbying from big pharmaceutical company’s in Australia. For example Monsantos herbicide #roundup (glyphosate is not displayed on any food products in Australia). Glyphosate has been shown to cause tumours. instagram.com/p/BCpRxQ9uq3G/

If wanting authentic scientific information about honey use.

Wescobee conceived in 1924 was once the pride of the Western Australian industry being expertly managed. A co op formed by beekeepers to regulate surges in supply. For a long time Wescobee out performed every other honey company when compared on a prorate basis. It had an enviable supermarket shelf presence in Western Australia with its famous red with check label and was well regarded by the public in recognition and for its quality. Today (less the 45 months since the 2012 takeover) Capilano has mostly run the brand into the ground replacing the on-shelf presence with their own brand(s). The same has occurred in international markets with the long-time distributors of the Wescobee brand complaining of poorer quality product, diminished service, poor customer relations and often being told some of the lines they could easily sell in their market being changed or erased. On a financial basis, Capilano were out performed by Wescobee on a prorate basis, which embarrassed Capilano who had to endure major financial loss for years unlike Wescobee.

WA Beekeepers are not happy and many of them now refuse to supply Capilano and believe Capilano will eventually erase the brand completely and probably shut the operation in WA. It is a sad story indeed.

Mathew has switched to Fewsters Farm Honey.
Western Australia have some for the cleanest highest quality honey in the world.

You can source quality honey on the honeymap

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