What would happen if we had no bees?
Agriculture as we know it
would collapse
A world without apples, mangoes strawberries and pears.
Many animals would become extinct.
Put simply,
it would be a global disaster.
Help us bee the cure.


​“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”
Albert Einstein

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19 hours ago

Australian major political party’s are in calamity. Their politicians are puppets for corporations that lobby both sides of parliament.
Food labelling allowing Chinese honey to be sold and exported as product of Australia ,
selling off our agricultural land to foreigners instead of leasing and fracking are examples of issues Australians are galvanised on yet our governments both labor and liberal deliver the opposite.

Its not only upsetting that you lie to us , It’s most upsetting that from now on we can not believe you.

On behalf of bees I’ve requested labor and liberal policy’s on Neonicotinoids and Glysophate (roundup) . Unfortunately their responses were generic. The department that regulates these chemicals is the APVMA run by Kareena Arthy. She claims they are satisfied with old research and refuse to take notice of the world health organisation recent findings. The world health organisation found that Monsanto’s roundup is likely to be carcinogenic.

Billions of dollars are made by big pharmaceutical at the expense of bees. If these chemicals are killing bees they are also killing our children. Glysophate is the new asbestos.

Ultimately it’s up to all of us to be the change .

Mother Teresa
"Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person."

Thank you Alex Bhathal from the Greens for at least taking the time to fill me in on the greens policies in regards to food labelling and Glysophate.



Also thank you Senator Nick Xenophon being a voice of reason in parliament.


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And please only buy local honey. Use the honeymap below
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21 hours ago

I just saw u on channel ten on Ever Day Health.
My dad had bees on our farm growing up so I am a life long honey eater. Great little segment on teli.
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1 day ago

Hilary this is heartbreaking I am so sorry for your loss. This happens far to much in #Australia and #America. Flow Hive and Girl Next Door Honey we must get #Neonicotinoids banned.
These two thriving hives were poisoned!! 😡😢 These are my student’s hives and she has been putting so much effort, time and care into these bees. I can’t believe it. This happened because a neighbor sprayed a flowering plant with a pesticide. It had to have been close because literally all the foragers from both hives are dead. Heart breaking. Don’t ever spray flowering plants. You can watch a periscope report of this right now on my account GNDHoney. @flowhive so bummed about this. #bees #beekeeping #pesticides #beekeeping #sandiegogram #flowhive
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2 days ago

Thanks so much @channel9 for sharing with Australia the #honey importing racket caused mostly because of global honey corporation @capilano_honey led by billionaire owner #KerryStokes. Kerry Stokes owns @channel7official only commercial channel that hasn’t covered this story. Kerry Stokes you are unaustralian. This conflict of interest is why #Australia is in trouble. Your importing of Chinese honey is disgusting and ruining lives. Lobbying by big #pharmaceutical like #monsanto and #bayer have stopped #Neonicotinoids from being discussed in the media. It’s a disgusting rich boys club making decisions that if not kept in check will be the end of us. Farmers have been suiciding because of corporate dominance. Buy local for your children’s future.
Win TV
"Action group @SaveTheBeesAustralia" is encouraging consumers to purchase honey directly from local producers. Ten million kilograms of fake and inferior honey were imported into Australia last year, with new laws now being called on to state the product’s country of origin." #savethebees #beethecure

We import from a number of countries, who have met our quality requires and are deemed approved suppliers through our supplier certification process, these include Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, China, Hungary and Argentina.
What country could be blended with our Australian honey does depend on the time of blending and what is available at that time.

Kind Regards
Xaviann Button
Customer Service
Capilano Honey Limited
Ph 1800 880 808 Fax 1800 990 909
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2 days ago

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