Local honey producers and stockists

      Australia’s whole honey industry is under threat from imported honey.

      Problems with large corporation honey: Imported honey could carry viruses such as foul-brood and may be toxic due to pollution. Some beekeepers feed their bees corn syrup or sugar which bees store the same way as they do honey and is consequently harvested for consumption. Laws on antibiotic use don’t exist and they may be present in the honey. 

      The solution is for Australians to support local beekeepers and buy local.

      We have been able to create this community honey map which connects consumers to beekeepers and has been used over 600,000 times! 

      We suggest consumers purchase local raw honey direct from beekeepers. Honey is sacred and should be treated as such. Selling directly enables the beekeeper to sell at retail prices. Hopefully this adds security for the beekeeper and enables the local community to experience local raw honey (trust us, it tastes uniquely incredible). 

      This solution to the global bee crisis is beautiful.  According to the United Nations small scale localised farming can feed the world, providing holistic benefits without the use of harmful poisons. 

      What started off as a concept is now spreading around the world.  Please email hellobeethecure@gmail.com or fill out this form if you would like to be added to the #honeymap, it is free.  All you need to send is: 

      • Name of the honey 
      • Address of sale location 
      • Contact number 
      • Website
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