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I have sad (urgent) announcement that is taking time away from preparing for WORLD BEE DAY May 20th.

The Capilano company is still pursuing me in the courts. An appeal is going to be heard in the Supreme Court of Victoria May the 17th in front of three judges.

Despite attempting a common sense settlement that would benefit all I feel forced to continue to defend bees and beekeepers.

This expensive litigation has been going since 2016. It is an avoidable blight for Australia especially at a time the world unites in its effort to save the bees.

This has come at a time I have been asked to promote events including WORLD BEE DAY May 20th to be held at the Swedish embassy in Canberra.

Capilano company recently changed their name to “Hive and Wellness Australia” and are now owned since last year by private investors headed by Hong Kong born Albert Tse.  Still the new owners want a permanent gag on me.

On Friday 17 May 2019 my lawyer will argue my case in the Court of Appeal to have gags removed.

If I win I can then speak more freely.

Capilano have wasted an enormous amount of shareholders money dragging me through the courts. Crowdfunding has afforded me a lawyer to help fight Capilano’s team of Sydney big city lawyers.

Please donate so I can retain legal representation and continue to promote bee welfare.

Donations of $15 or more will receive a Save the Bees Australia sticker, fridge magnet and packet of seeds for bees. Send me an email to with your address so I can send these out to you.

Eternally grateful 🙏🐝

Simon & My Young Son Oscar

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You can support your local beekeeper by buying local honey via the honeymap.

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Also, feel free to use our 10 Questions to Council infographic or our Sample of letter to schools to help you start a conversation.