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It is with agonising resignation I have to temporarily remove content from 45 posts on 4 platforms Facebook, Instagram, and delete the gofundme crowdfunding platform.  I have no choice whatsoever but to comply with the 25 May 2017 orders or I will be in contempt and liable to imprisonment. Thank you for your generosity. Your donations will enable me to continue to afford to go to NSW to defend my rights to campaign to save the bees, a campaign that is certainly not over.

I have learned from how this story has unfolded so far.  I have learned that bold bee-centric journalism and documentary making must focus on uncovering actual examples of  hiding, disguising or legitimising the true origin of honey or treatment of bees.

Please continue to to use the free honeymap. Support your local beekeeper.


Please continue to follow the Savethebeesaustralia. Expect bee stories that the corrupt mainstream media are neglecting to report on.

Two prominent lawyers  have told me this week journalist and whistle blower Shane Dowling will soon be jailed. Follow  Thank you for your support Shane I am in awe of your defiance. I hope they are wrong.

I am eternally grateful for the overwhelming support the solution is so beautiful. Small scale localised farming can feed the world .  This petition is frightening big corporations in Australia that are importing food from China.

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Your support would mean a lot to us, If you have any questions please called us  0400 882 146. Donate Now

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