What we do

Save The Bees Australia is focused on saving as many bees as possible.

Currently pest control companies are contacting Simon, our founder and asking him to safely remove swarms, which Simon does gladly and for free.

If we are to continue rescuing bee colonies then we are going to have to raise considerable funds to re-home them so that they may continue pollinating all the healthy foods that we and other animals, love to eat.

Save the bees Australia has also teamed up with the sunshine group recycling plant. Together we are setting up inspection hives as close as possible to Melbourne’s port, as it is the most likely area varroa might will infiltrate.

Australia is one of the last country’s clear of the varroa mite. The sunshine group and Save the bees Australia are doing everything they can to help keep it this way.

​Sign our petition to have bee killing insecticides banned from being sold in woolworths and from being injected into victorian pine trees!