Who we are

Founder of Save the Bees Australia – Bee The Cure, Simon Mulvany is a beekeeper who has made it his mission to educate people about the plight of the precious pollinators, both indigenous and introduced.

It is crucial that we help protect the native species and that we keep honey bees, respectfully and responsibly. We respect that both have their place, whether it is in industry or biodiversity- and that we simply can not live without them.




We believe if bees thrive humanity can thrive.

We have a focus on educating children about the importance of pollination and the rolls indigenous bees play. Founder Simon Mulvany has personally saved over 400 colonies of honeybees that were due to be exterminated.


We regularly attends at schools and community group. The enterprise is often featured in mainstream media with special emphasis on the campaigns calling for pesticides to be banned and to stop stop the suspicious importing of honey. Honey adulteration mostly from
China is hurting Australian Beekeepers.

We are voice for small business we have created a honeymap that has been viewed over 500000 times connecting consumers to beekeepers.


Please sign and share the change.org petition. We currently have 1600000 signatures calling for imported honey to be banned or at least labelled with country of origin.


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Bonnee Fahlstrom

Bonnee is a volunteer and a positive role model for Save The Bees Australia. Her passion and life’s purpose is to create, teach, and spread awareness to embody conscious healthy loving living. Bonnee is a Naturopath and Nutritionist. She is most passionate about influencing and educating people on saving the bees and literally has saved colonies with Simon from extermination.

As a “Model of Compassion” it is her responsibility as a role model to live a conscious and active lifestyle that reflects making change locally and globally through taking action and spreading awareness.

“I want to raise awareness about conservation and why bees are the most invaluable species. Who would want a world without honey, flowers, and third of everything we eat including chocolate and coffee? Not me”

The partnership between flowering plants and pollinating insects, especially bees, is one of the most widespread and significant symbiotic interactions on Earth.

When it comes to the survival of the planet, we cannot afford to be ignorant or apathetic. This is an endeavor that will require the participation of the world’s 7.1 billion inhabitants.

Flowers and Bees represent vitality and life. It is a beautiful thing!

When you align yourself with happiness, love and health everything about your life transforms and your goals manifest with ease and grace. Bonnee believes that by living a conscious lifestyle you will create an abundant life full of meaning.







John Edmonds

John Edmonds is one of the good guys! A descendant of one of the first beekeeping families in Australia. John oozes wisdom and shared so much crucial and fascinating information about the honey industry. He explained how fungicides are killing bees on Almonds and how the Almond industry collude to pay commercial beekeeper $80 a month for pollination per hive.

In America Almond farmers pay over $250Au. In New Zealand commercial beekeepers get $9.50 a kilo while in Australia it’s close to $5. This is because corporations like @capilanohoney import inferior overseas honey.

It became clear if commercial beekeepers in Australia could unite it would be a lot better for beekeeping families and the welfare of our bees. Beekeepers should refuse to pollinate the Almonds or at least galvanise and demand $200 a hive. John also explained how a recent phenomenon of Chinese business people are ordering up 1000s of tonnes of what they call Australian forest honey as they know their own honey and food has contamination issues. I think it may be good for some beekeeping businesses but it’s unfortunate our quality honey will be going overseas.

This importing of inferior honey has had a wiped out many families of beekeepers in Australia in the past. Unfortunately for the common Australian if they are buying supermarket honey it’s devoid of nutrition and maybe contains contaminates. You can find the best priced beekeeping supplies in Victoria through John. I’m sure he will give you an extra good deal if you mention @savethebeesaustralia.

You can also purchase honey direct! By appointment or every Saturday morning.
John Edmonds.724 Torquay Rd, Mt DUNEED 3216. Phone: 03 5264 1245.
It is crucial that we help protect the native species and that we keep honey bees, respectfully and responsibly.