Virtual Incursion

Virtual Incursion Resources for Schools

One of our favourite activities here at Save the Bees Australia is visiting school communities to teach the next generation about the importance of bees. Unfortunately, as schools have transitioned to online platforms during COVID-19 we can no longer come in and interact with your students.

Luckily, we’ve created a virtual incursion video series for your classroom to enjoy! Of course, being online the kids can’t jump into bee suits, feel honeycomb or taste some raw honey, but we hope these videos can provide you with some fun, new, different learning activities. We’ve also created some worksheets for kids to practice learning skills that they can play online or print off at home. We’ve broken our incursion into 3 different parts; Introduction and general bee lesson, beekeeping and opening a hive, how you can help save the bees.

We know every classroom is different and is working on different things. If you have any specific questions we would love to have a chat, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always working on new educational resources, so make sure to check back here to stay up to date.

Video 1- Introduction and General Bee Lesson 

Video 2- Opening a Hive 

Video 3- How you can Help Save the Bees 

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